Accident Tips from this Home Business Magazine Article Could Save Time and Stress

Accidents that involve commercial vehicles tend to be more serious than those involving two cars. When a truck hits a car, it is more likely to cause severe damage or death compared to when two passenger vehicles hit each other at normal speeds. Another problem with these types of accidents is that there tend to be more than one responsible party. The driver of the truck is rarely the owner and if they are, they are more than likely under contract with another company to transport goods.

According to this Home Business Magazine article, anyone who is involved in this type of accident should make sure they obtain all the relevant information. Like any crash, the driver should record the license plate number, name of the driver and the details about their insurance. Police should always be notified of the accident so they can take a report and ensure any injured drivers or passengers receive medical attention.

Filing a claim for compensation could be more challenging for a driver who is hit by a commercial truck. It may not be as easy as contacting the insurance company the truck driver gave at the scene. Because there may be multiple insurance companies involved, the first one may not pay the claim. Many people who are injured or sustain property damage in an accident with a commercial vehicle get frustrated with this process. An attorney may be able to help.

The state of Louisiana uses a cooperative negligence theory when determining how much each party pays in a commercial vehicle accident. Whether the responsibility lies solely with the driver, the manufacturer of the tires or a combination of the the driver, truck owner, company that owns the goods in the trailer, the company that loaded the cargo or any combination, an attorney may be able to get compensation for their client. Although an accident victim may be legally entitled to this compensation, it might be quite difficult for them to get it own their own. Hiring an attorney early could reduce their stress and allow them to focus on recovering from their injuries rather than doing legal research.