An All-in-One Business Solution?

Just about the one thing that could be called the Holy Grail of business software would be a package that provides an all-in-one solution to every contingency. Having every function streamlined into one system is invaluable in saving time, complexity and most importantly money. Large corporations have their own software architecture that handles all these functions and an army of IT operatives, but medium and small businesses need that all-in-one approach.

This is where a package like the SAP B1 comes into the picture. SAP stands for “Systems Application and Products in data processing. SAP is a global software business provider now operating in over 130 nations, and the SAP application package has been developed and tailored to suit the needs of small and medium business concerns that are the most common type of operations in the commercial market today. This is a scalable software package that can be modified to the needs of any given business situation. What it does is to streamline and integrate operations in every category of operation. These include financial control and accounting, inventory management, shipping, and customer relationship management.

This goes beyond the standard software applications that handle each aspect of business operations separately, by taking a whole system approach to business management. The theory here is that seemingly diverse functions are actually all interrelated at a fundamental level. For example, human resource management may not seem to have any bearing on accounting. However, each employee represents an accounting element in terms of payroll, benefits, costs due to loss-time, and subsidiary expenses connected to that person’s employment such as the provision of security key cards and identification. These are all expenses that have to add up on the balance sheet against company revenue. Instead of having two separate applications handing the same data and two different departments having to swap information back and forth, a SAP application takes both of these into the same function and automates the process. The same goes for inventory, for shipping, for customer relations, for every aspect of business operation.

The SAP business software solution package is both premises- and cloud-based. The package can be automatically updated as modifications are developed and released. The other advantage offered through SAP is the immediate capacity to leverage incoming and stored information. This provides a powerful tool towards achieving maximum operational efficiency in order to expand into new customer bases and spur greater growth in the market.