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How to Choose a Lawn Care Company Lawn care companies are so plenty these days. So how do you make the right choice? It’s going to be rather easy, but there will be questions to ask and things to look out for. Getting What You Pay For The old saying is still true but of course, there are exceptions to each rule. Though it may hurt pocket a bit to pick a more expensive company, it could be worth it. Review the services they provide and understand each lawn program offered. If you would rather do your own fertilizing, that’s fine. If you want to skip specific treatments, that is fine too. A well-reputed lawn care company provides not just individual but also packaged services. Still, high prices don’t guarantee quality service.
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A lawn care company that offers fertilizer applications and pest control services should have at least one turf or agronomy specialist. A lawn care company needs to be upfront about their education, licensing, the products they use, and when they use them. They have to provide a copy of the label and follow to all state and local laws on pesticide applications. Quick Yet Effective Fixes Many lawn care companies offer quick yet effective solutions. Two or three people dive into the yard, string trimming, mowing, and blowing the walks very quickly, often for a nice price. Sometimes, they also offer fertilization and grub control, but as always, scrutinize their credentials. These services are just perfect for spring clean-ups, mulching and leaf removal during the fall. Before choosing one of such services, balance price with work quality and professional appearance. The employees must be neat and polite, the truck and equipment clean and relatively new. Chemical Applications There are some prominent players in the industry of lawn care. Their trucks go around the neighborhoods through the entire year, providing homeowners with fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide application services. Laws vary from one state to another, but when it comes to chemical applications, all states require that the procedure be performed only by a licensed professional. There are areas calling for early, even personal, notification and some signage on the site. Bigger companies tend not to have enough personal touch that local lawn services are known for, but in any case, you just need a service that keeps your best interests in mind. Some of them provide up to 8 applications of fertilizers or pesticides every season. That’s too much and most probably expensive or even totally unnecessary. The idea is to check the details. Some knowledge of a simple lawn care program will be very helpful in keeping yourself from being taken advantage of.