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Marketing Strategy Over Time: Old Ways Vs. The New Ways

The media and communication industry nowadays is so huge that it did not only overshadowed us, its literally devouring us, and to think that there are a dozen more ways into media marketing is practically incomprehensible. Our very humanity pulls our interest towards new avenues, that is way turning our heads away from the new craze in media like Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest is almost impossible to do. These newly found media interests holds the key to supremacy in media marketing as it provides opportunity in data trailing at a less costly price. However, the new way is not the only avenue we can take. Thus, the marketing clash begins.

The new way in music today is to like new popular artists like One Direction, but still not all of us can say that they are better than the legends in the industry such as Beatles. The same can be said to marketing strategies. Some old fashioned routes are still the best routes to take: effective and powerful as well as compelling.

Essentially the time has come to merge the old ways with the new ways in marketing, that is if you are looking for a strategy that will give you a better advantage.

The Powerful Word of Mouth

If you are in search of a marketing strategy that provides effective marketing results and at the same time budget friendly,then the word of mouth is the best strategy you can enforce. This is one of the golden marketing strategy methods that still packs the same punch, and believe me this marketing strategy has seen its fair share of success. The word of mouth is a very effective marketing tool as no matter what kind of amazing marketing advertising you may have for the world, they would still trust the accounts of their family and friends more than your ads. Due to this reason it is high time that you formulate new marketing strategies like a reward merit for those customers that are loyal to you.

Incorporating your email marketing to referral programs is one of the best methods that you can use to do this.

Use The Printing Advantage

One of the most common misconception is that printing strategies in marketing are very costly methods of marketing, which is very untrue. Though they tend to have higher prices compared to digital marketing strategies, they provide a larger impact compared to online marketing ads. On the other hand, before you go ahead and start a printing market strategy, make sure that you are going to put a lot of creativity in it. Do not just mail tons of letters and mails to potential clients and customers. You can instead make use of the invoice and orders and incorporate printed cards with a creative design and information of your new products and offers to the customers.