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Why Choose Rattan for Your Garden Furniture?

If you’d like to buy furniture that does not require a great deal of maintenance, then you should pay attention to the practical qualities of rattan garden furniture. For starters, the inevitable rain that seems to be the most pressing issue for most furniture shoppers. Its either rain is not enough and you get a hose pipe ban, or you have an excess of it and need to deal with flooding! Rain is indeed a huge consideration for most garden furniture because it leads to rotting and corrosion, but with the weather-resistant rattan, rain makes little impact.

There is no corrosion or rotting, given that rattan is impermeable to the rain, and thus, the rain cannot cause the wood to break down. In other words, rattan is waterproof, and that means the rain will just easily wash away. The frame itself is generally aluminum, and this again is corrosion-resistant, so the rain will not bring its typical corrosive effect.

Sun damage is yet another big issue people have when it comes to outdoor furniture. As most of us know, the sun can cause the degradation of various types of garden furniture, because it can bleach the color and, more importantly, it can also reduce the furniture’s stability. The heat can cause joints to swell, especially in wooden garden furniture. Combined with the cracks, this movement decreases the furniture’s integrity until it just falls apart over time. Rattan though goes against the trend because it is color fast, meaning it will not bleach; and since there are no joints, it will not crumble in the same way other types of wood furniture might. Rattan is woven around a frame, and as soon as this frame is totally covered by the wood, the sun will have almost no effect on the frame itself.

When it comes to maintenance or upkeep, rattan is remarkably easy to clean . Synthetic rattan is the easiest as you only have to wipe it with a gentle fabric dipped in a warm soapy solution. Again, in the realm of practicality, this is ideal.
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Of course, at the end of the day, rattan garden furniture products are not all made equal. You have to know how to choose the right one for you, depending on certain factors. Your comfort, weather resistance, UV protection, compactness and mobility are just some of the important points you should consider. How you will be using the furniture, how often and even your location can all affect your shopping decisions. For example, rattan is generally resistant to harsh weather conditions, but if you live in a tropical country, you can put the furniture in a spot where it gets the least sun, without necessarily compromising your whole experience of garden time.3 Supplies Tips from Someone With Experience